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Cabinet Turnover

This folder contains data on Cabinet-level officials who have served in presidential administrations since Jimmy Carter's. It was used in the following FiveThirtyEight articles:

Different presidents have designated different offices to be in their Cabinets. This directory contains data on all offices that have been in the Cabinet at any point since 1977, regardless of whether they were in the Cabinet at the time, with four exceptions:

The following offices were only in the Cabinet for part of the time period covered by this data:

The data does not include acting Cabinet members. It is up to date as of Feb. 10, 2023.

presidentLast name of president
positionCabinet Position
appointeeAppointee's full name
start_dateDate the appointee was sworn in
end_dateDate the appointee left office
lengthLength of appointee's tenure in days
departure_dayDays into admininstration that the appointee left office
genderAppointee's gender