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Candy Power Ranking

This folder contains the data behind the story The Ultimate Halloween Candy Power Ranking.

candy-data.csv includes attributes for each candy along with its ranking. For binary variables, 1 means yes, 0 means no.

The data contains the following fields:

chocolateDoes it contain chocolate?
fruityIs it fruit flavored?
caramelIs there caramel in the candy?
peanutalmondyDoes it contain peanuts, peanut butter or almonds?
nougatDoes it contain nougat?
crispedricewaferDoes it contain crisped rice, wafers, or a cookie component?
hardIs it a hard candy?
barIs it a candy bar?
pluribusIs it one of many candies in a bag or box?
sugarpercentThe percentile of sugar it falls under within the data set.
pricepercentThe unit price percentile compared to the rest of the set.
winpercentThe overall win percentage according to 269,000 matchups.