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Historical NBA Elo

This directory contains the data behind the Complete History Of The NBA interactive. Data updated periodically. Game information is from

In the data file nbaallelo.csv are the following variables:

gameorderPlay order of game in NBA history
game_idUnique ID for each game
lg_idWhich league the game was played in
_iscopyEach row of data is tied to a single team for a single game, so _iscopy flags if this game_id has already occured for the opposing team in the same matchup
year_idSeason id, named based on year in which the season ended
date_gameGame date
is_playoffsFlag for playoff games
team_idThree letter code for team name, from Basketball Reference
fran_idFranchise id. Multiple team_ids can fall under the same fran_id due to name changes or moves. Interactive is grouped by fran_id.
ptsPoints scored by team
elo_iTeam elo entering the game
elo_nTeam elo following the game
win_equivEquivalent number of wins in a 82-game season for a team of elo_n quality
opp_idTeam id of opponent
opp_franFranchise id of opponent
opp_ptsPoints scored by opponent
opp_elo_iOpponent elo entering the game
opp_elo_nOpponent elo following the game
game_locationHome (H), away (A), or neutral (N)
game_resultWin or loss for team in the team_id column
forecastElo-based chances of winning for the team in the team_id column, based on elo ratings and game location
notesAdditional information