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NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament

This folder contains the data behind the story The Rise And Fall Of Women’s NCAA Tournament Dynasties.

womens_basketball_ncaa_history.csv contains data for every team that has participated in the NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Tournament since it began in 1982. Every school is shown with its seed, conference record (when available), regular-season record, tournament record and full season record, including winning percentages. More information about select columns is in the table below. All data is from the NCAA.

seedThe (OR) seeding designation in 1983 notes the eight teams that played an opening-round game to become the No. 8 seed in each region.
How qualWhether the school qualified with an automatic bid (by winning its conference or conference tournament) or an at-large bid.
1st game at homeWhether the school played its first-round tournament games on its home court.
Tourney finishThe round of the final game for each team. OR=opening-round loss (1983 only); 1st=first-round loss; 2nd=second-round loss; RSF=loss in the Sweet 16; RF=loss in the Elite Eight; NSF=loss in the national semifinals; N2nd=national runner-up; Champ=national champions