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NFL Fandom

This folder contains data behind the story How Every NFL Team’s Fans Lean Politically.

Google Trends Data

Google Trends data was derived from comparing 5-year search traffic for the 7 sports leagues we analyzed:

Results are listed by designated market area (DMA).

The percentages are the approximate percentage of major-sports searches that were conducted for each league.

Trump's percentage is his share of the vote within the DMA in the 2016 presidential election.

SurveyMonkey Data

SurveyMonkey data was derived from a poll of American adults ages 18 and older, conducted between Sept. 1-7, 2017.

Listed numbers are the raw totals for respondents who ranked a given NFL team among their three favorites, and how many identified with a given party (further broken down by race). We also list the percentages of the entire sample that identified with each party, and were of each race.