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Police Killings

This directory contains the data behind the story Where Police Have Killed Americans In 2015.

We linked entries from the Guardian's database on police killings to census data from the American Community Survey. The Guardian data was downloaded on June 2, 2015. More information about its database is available here.

Census data was calculated at the tract level from the 2015 5-year American Community Survey using the tables S0601 (demographics), S1901 (tract-level income and poverty), S1701 (employment and education) and DP03 (county-level income). Census tracts were determined by geocoding addresses to latitude/longitude using the Bing Maps and Google Maps APIs and then overlaying points onto 2014 census tracts. GEOIDs are census-standard and should be easily joinable to other ACS tables -- let us know if you find anything interesting.

Field descriptions:

nameName of deceasedGuardian
ageAge of deceasedGuardian
genderGender of deceasedGuardian
raceethnicityRace/ethnicity of deceasedGuardian
monthMonth of killingGuardian
dayDay of incidentGuardian
yearYear of incidentGuardian
streetaddressAddress/intersection where incident occurredGuardian
cityCity where incident occurredGuardian
stateState where incident occurredGuardian
latitudeLatitude, geocoded from address
longitudeLongitude, geocoded from address
state_fpState FIPS codeCensus
county_fpCounty FIPS codeCensus
tract_ceTract ID codeCensus
geo_idCombined tract ID code
county_idCombined county ID code
namelsadTract descriptionCensus
lawenforcementagencyAgency involved in incidentGuardian
causeCause of deathGuardian
armedHow/whether deceased was armedGuardian
popTract populationCensus
share_whiteShare of pop that is non-Hispanic whiteCensus
share_bloackShare of pop that is black (alone, not in combination)Census
share_hispanicShare of pop that is Hispanic/Latino (any race)Census
p_incomeTract-level median personal incomeCensus
h_incomeTract-level median household incomeCensus
county_incomeCounty-level median household incomeCensus
comp_incomeh_income / county_incomeCalculated from Census
county_bucketHousehold income, quintile within countyCalculated from Census
nat_bucketHousehold income, quintile nationallyCalculated from Census
povTract-level poverty rate (official)Census
urateTract-level unemployment rateCalculated from Census
collegeShare of 25+ pop with BA or higherCalculated from Census

<b>Note regarding income calculations:</b>

All income fields are in inflation-adjusted 2013 dollars.

comp_income is simply tract-level median household income as a share of county-level median household income.

county_bucket provides where the tract's median household income falls in the distribution (by quintile) of all tracts in the county. (1 indicates a tract falls in the poorest 20% of tracts within the county.) Distribution is not weighted by population.

nat_bucket is the same but for all U.S. counties.