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Scrabble Games

This folder contains data behind the story How 'Qi' And 'Za' Changed Scrabble.

gameidA numerical game ID
tourneyidA numerical tournament ID
tieA binary variable indicating if the game ended in a tie
winneridA numerical ID for the winning player
winnernameThe name of the winning player
winnerscoreThe score of the winning player
winneroldratingThe winner’s rating before the game
winnernewratingThe winner’s rating after the game
winnerposThe winner’s position in the tournament
loseridA numerical ID for the losing player
loserscoreThe score of the losing player
loseroldratingThe loser’s rating before the game
losernewratingThe loser’s rating after the game
loserposThe loser’s position in the tournament
roundThe round of the tournament in which the game took place
divisionThe division of the tournament in which the game took place
dateThe date of the game
lexiconA binary variable indicating if the game’s lexicon was the main North American lexicon (False) or the international lexicon (True)