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State of the State

This folder contains the data behind the story What America’s Governors Are Talking About.

index.csv contains a listing of each of the 50 speeches, one for each state as well as the name and party of the state's governor and a link to an official source for the speech. If an official government source could not be found, we have linked to a news media source that had a transcript of the speech.

The speeches/ folder contains 50 .txt files containing the text of each of the speeches.

words.csv contains every one-word phrase that was mentioned in at least 10 speeches and every two- or three-word phrase that was mentioned in at least five speeches after a list of stop-words was removed and the word "healthcare" was replaced with "health care" so that they were not counted as distinct phrases. It also contains the results of a chi^2 test that shows the statistical significance of and associated p-value of phrases.

n-gramone-, two- or three-word phrase
categorythematic categories for n-grams hand-coded by FiveThirtyEight staff: economy/fiscal issues, education, health care, energy/environment, crime/justice, mental health/substance abuse
d_speechesnumber of Democratic speeches containing the n-gram
r_speechesnumber of Republican speeches containing the n-gram
totaltotal number of speeches containing the n-gram
percent_of_d_speechespercent of the 23 Democratic speeches containing the phrase
percent_of_r_speechespercent of the 27 Republican speeches containing the phrase
chi2chi^2 statistic
pvalp-value for chi^2 test