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Cases in the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals

This folder contains the data behind the story For A Trump Nominee, Neil Gorsuch’s Record Is Surprisingly Moderate On Immigration

tenth-circuit.csv contains Tenth Circuit cases decided during Gorsuch’s tenure.

NameName of the case
DateDate of decision
Federal Reporter CitationCase citation, as listed in the Federal Reporter Series
Westlaw CitationCase citation, Westlaw format
IssueIssue number, in cases divided into multiple issues
WeightWeight per issue (total weight per case equals one)
Judge1Name of first judge
Judge2Name of second judge
Judge3Name of third judge
Vote1Vote of first judge. 1 = liberal, 0 = conservative.
Vote2Vote of second judge. 1 = liberal, 0 = conservative.
Vote3Vote of third judge. 1 = liberal, 0 = conservative.
CategoryCategory of case, immigration or discrimination

Note: In immigration cases, partial relief to immigration petitioner is coded as liberal because the petitioner typically seeks just one core remedy (e.g., withholding of removal, adjustment of status, or asylum); in discrimination cases, partial relief is coded as multiple issues because the plaintiff often seeks separate remedies under multiple claims (e.g., disparate treatment, retaliation, etc.) and different sources of law.